Training Courses

Wesmans' training officers have long-term experience with training of personnel both ashore and on board vessels. The instructors' qualifications include educational skills as well as up to date know-how within the individual field of expertise.

The training courses aim to improve personnel skills on board vessels and ashore in various fields of safety such as Responsibilities / Duties and Risk Assessment / Safe Job Analysis and Insurance related topics.

Training for vessel crew and offshore related work

The courses are approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and manufacturers of instruments and equipment. They are prepared and performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The training includes theoretical introduction and practical exercises. The training takes place in 3 different locations in Norway with up to date training facilities, on board vessels or by client's choice. The training is performed in accordance with OCIMF (oil companies) requirements and the ISM Code.

Wesmans offers tailor-made courses according to client specifications in the event that our standard training courses do not meet your requirements.