About us

The Scandinavian countries are among the world's leading nations in the shipping and offshore sector, and that's where we have developed our expertise.

Scandinavia is characterized by its wide and varied geography and harsh climate, posing a number of challenges to shipping and offshore operations.

Despite these challenges, we have operated for more than a century with high standards of quality and safety, with excellent results.

As an independent 3rd party provider to manufacturers of equipment and components used in oil & gas drilling and production, insurance companies, ship owners, onshore authorities and traditional industries, Wesmans is engaged in various types of marine operations and claims handling.

In our daily business we focus on marine surveys, claims adjusting and consultancy, heavy-lift operations and preparation of transport manuals / procedures including design and calculations of lashing and securing arrangements (sea fastening).

Our claims specialists advice on and handle marine and transport claims from a case threatens to become a claim - until it's solved. In cooperation with Martin Bruusgaard, we offer training courses in gas measuring on 3 permanent locations ashore or for crewmembers onboard vessels.

Our dedicated and highly competent staff with experience from complex onshore and marine operations, guarantees a service which meets the applicable national and international rules and regulations. Our main focus is preventive actions. Thus, pre-planning is an important part of the delivery.

Our main concern is focus on safety.

Clients, sub-suppliers and own personnel should be confident that we perform as we speak - safety first!